Bathroom Services

Allow It Just Makes Scents to deal with your dirty details. Your guests judge your business based on what they find in your bathroom and that’s a scary truth.  We will take care of:

Cleaning: We can clean your restrooms weekly or monthly.

Scenting: Create a clean experience for men and women.

Odor Neutralization: E-Scential® will eliminate, not cover up odors.

Disinfect: C-Scential® disinfecting tabs eliminate the germs urinal screens have.

Urinal Screens: 30 day break down of acid and come in three scents.

Urinal Pads: 30 day elimination of odor and doesn't slip on floor.

Eliminate Bad Bathroom Smells And Create An Amazing Scented Experience For Your Guests.

Benefits From Bathroom Services

Antibacterial Properties

Antibacterial properties of services may be harnessed to create a cleaner work place with less sick days required.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Increases the perception of quality and enhances your client’s overall impression of your business and corporate brand.

Pleasurable Atmosphere

Cleanliness helps to create a pleasurable and calming atmosphere for your guests.

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