Science Behind Scent Marketing

Scent marketing research is complicated and requires rigorous scientific inquiry. Three British scientists (Rimkute, Morales and Ferreira) have recently tackled the arduous task, covering every aspect of the connection between our sense of smell and scent marketing. All businesses should be aware of these findings and the answers they pose about how smell influences choices, thoughts, emotions and memory.

A pleasing aroma serves as a delicate portal leading to the behavior-approach system in the human brain. This in turn, initiates a range of actions that are somewhat predictable. While shopping anywhere, a distracting aroma can make the time spent in a store seem like less, which of course results in more spending and impulse buying.

A study showed identical Nike sneakers to the subjects in identical rooms, one of which was scented and the other was unscented. In the scented room, participants reported an 80% increase in purchase intent and were willing to pay up to 10% more for the same item than in the unscented room.

Smell & Taste Research Foundation

How Scent Marketing Works

Whether or not a fragrance is pleasant depends in great part on its intensity. Neutral aromas become more distasteful as the strength of the fragrance increases. A good rule of thumb for neutral retail environments such as offices and hardware stores suggests the use of neutral scents, but less is best. Delightful fragrances, such as chocolate or fresh bread however, are another story. These scents all display a sweet spot of optimal intensity. Once that point is surpassed, however, the fragrance becomes unpleasant.

A pleasant smell serves as a cerebral switch that tells the recipient the world is an agreeable and positive place. Scent marketing is a powerful tool because it entirely reshapes the consumer experience. Altering personal moods is one attribute, but the proper scent in the proper place goes much further. It can actually influence the way shoppers think and process information, making it a very effective tool for any business. Fragrance has the power to transform an average run-of-the-mill store into an exclusive boutique.

Bottom Line Benefits Of Scent Marketing

Improves Brand Recognition

Scent marketing can be a vital force behind reinforcing and improving brand recognition because it has the power to unify a brand or product with a buyer’s emotions.

It Improves Guest Experiences

Scent marketers know that the very first impression a guest in a hotel perceives is that of scent, and it is intensified at that exact moment of entry through the hotel doors.

It Makes Your Brand Unforgettable

Scent marketing makes your brand unforgettable by using fragrance to imprint a pleasant memory that is associated with your product or services.

It Extends The Time Customers Linger

According to a study conduced a few years ago, stores that utilized scent marketing witnessed increases of people staying up to 20% longer on average and 300% sales increases in particular products.

It Can Attract New Customers

A pleasing scent can serve as a lure to potential customers who have never stepped foot in a store or business before.

It Creates Heightened Value Perception

Although this is a very important aspect of scent marketing and its affect on a company’s bottom line, according to B2B International, only 54% of businesses have initiated a branding strategy that can evaluate brand perceptions.

It Encourages Repeat Business

The right scent in the right place propels the consumer into a pleasant vortex of swirling memories and associations that repeat themselves automatically whenever that fragrance hits their unsuspecting nostrils.

It Can Increase Sales In Retail Environments

One study indicated that the introduction of a sweet citrus aroma in a retail setting nearly doubled the average total purchases from $55 to $90 per customer!

It Inspires Brand Loyalties

According to research conducted at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, up to 15% of a business’s most loyal customers account for 55-70% of its total sales.

It Can Affect Performance in The Workplace

Scent marketers are well aware that the proper scent introduced in a workplace can have a powerful impact on employees. Whether you are an entrepreneur managing a startup, or a corporate executive with thousands of employees, you know that happy employees translates into productivity and according to the Harvard Business Review, 31% more so, as well as 37% higher sales and 31% higher creativity.

It Counteract Malodors In Commercial Interiors

Probably the most formidable task and most appreciated benefit of scent marketing is its ability to eliminate bad odors. Air-Scent has the best solution to this problem with its Metazene® formula. By neutralizing odors at a molecular level, Metazene® does so much more than just cover up the bad smell; it completely destroys it.

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